Video guide "The museum "Gallery of Sculpture" in video excursions sequence

We continue to acquaint you with the museum Collection exposition and present a video guide through the Gallery of Sulpture, which presents the works of the prominent Russian sculptors of the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries.

The collection of the museum's sculpture is nominally divided into several exposition parts - these are the authors’ and the thematic blocks, grouped according to genre approach. Indoor sculptures (or cabinet plastic) comprise the basis of the collection.

The second half of the 19th century became the period of creative activity for the Russian sculptors; they searched for new themes and genres, experimented with methods and techniques and created real masterpieces….

The museum collection of sculptures can be examined in the subsection "Sculpture". The biographies of the sculptors, whose works are presented in the sculpture gallery, as well as the history of foundries and workshops - in the section "Authors/Producers".