Musical selection for the 195th anniversary of Johann Strauss

October 25th – is 195th birth anniversary of the famous Austrian composer Johann Strauss, the great "king of waltz".

His creative work was thoroughly imbued with the spirit of Vienna with its long-standing traditional passion for dances. Inexhaustible inspiration combined with the highest skill made Strauss the genuine classic of dance music. Thanks to him, the Viennese waltz exceed the boundaries of the 19th century and became a part of the present day musical life.

The museum Collection repository features a large number of musical records with I. Strauss compositions, some of which are presented in our musical selection dedicated to the composer's anniversary.

The incredible talent of Johann Strauss soared him to the heights of fame, and quite deservedly - during his life, Strauss composed 496 works, including 168 waltzes, 117 polka dances, 73 quadrilles, 43 marches, 31 mazurkas, 15 operettas, comic opera and ballet. Many of them have become the classics, and today they are regularly performed in conservatories and concert halls around the world.