A story about the great pianists of the bygone era

Today you will hear a story about the great musicians of the bygone era, which is illustrated by the fragments of their performance, recorded on paper music rolls "Welte-Mignon".

You will hear the authentic performance of the Polish composer, pianist and politician - Ignacy Jan Paderewski and European pianist of the Russian origin, Vladimir de Pachmann, recording of the performance of two prominent American pianists - Yolanda Mero and Ethel Leginska, in which all the peculiarities of their playing are noticeable.

Musical Library of the museum Collection features more than 20,000 various music records of the past. Gramophone recordspinned woodenbarrelscardboard and metal discs, paper music rolls and folded cardboard book-music are the custodians of rare compositions that comprise the essential part of the world's cultural heritage.