July 27 is the birthday of the outstanding pianist Vladimir de Pachmann

 The contemporaries of Vladidmir de Pachman remembered the eccentric European pianist of Russian origin by the subtlety of the interpretations of the great composers' works, extraordinary personal magnetism and unique performing temperament. Playing almost exclusively Chopin, he became one of the most influential interpreters of this composer work.

The old musical dictionaries note: “De Pachmann is a performer of high poetic temperament and subtle feelings, a magnetic personality. His sphere - is compositions that require extremely delicate touch, since he can use with good reason his remarkably velvety sound and airy pianissimo in those works. In this respect, hardly anyone will be able to surpass him, and only a few can match”.

Musical selection of recordings belonging to the outstanding pianist, which are stored in the Museum Collection, is in the SOUND LIBRARY.
Biography of the pianist is in the section AUTHORS.