Another story in the section "Audio Stories": Life story of an artist and a jeweler Rene Lalique

Our today's story is called "Flora, Fauna & Femme fatale"  and is dedicated to the life and creative work of the distinguished artisan, artist and jeweler Rene Lalique, who created vital works of unusual forms.

"Woman and nature are my main source of inspiration" - the master used to say, trying to convey the contours’ stylishness of the female body and the living nature harmony in his works. Nowadays fashionmongers from all over the world highly value the unique jewelry, mysteriously stylish perfume bottles, fantastic vases and even mystical perfume aromas that he created.

The works by Rene Lalique are presented in the museum Collection section "Western European Glass Art".

Biography of the French jeweler and glassmaker, one of the outstanding representatives of the Art Nouveau style is in the section "Authors".