Portrait of Princess Elin - the muse of Paolo Troubetzkoy, in the museum exposition

On the Day of family, love and fidelity, we recall the muse of the sculptor Paolo Troubetzkoy - his wife Elin.
Elin Troubetzkaya (nee Elin Sundström, 1883–1927) became his muse and was a party to all proceedings of Paolo Troubetzkoy for many decades. Throughout his life, Trubetskoy created numerous portraits of his wife. He sculptured her in the oriental style in the Japanese kimono, in the modern clothing, half-naked and with the son in her arms.

The portrait of Princess Elin Troubetzkaya, created in 1911, is a distinct image, in which the artist conveyed his wife's mood with great love. This portrait holds a unique position in the collection and is known in a single copy. For more than twenty years, Elin and Paolo were happy together. When she became seriously ill, Trubetskoy was looking for the best doctors, tried everything possible to cure her.

Trubetskoy carried his love to the end of his life, and even in his later works, the features of Elin were guessed.

The sculptor’s biography is in the section Authors.

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