October 8 is the 165th jubilee of Leopold Lambert, French master producing automata

Léopold Lambert opened his workshop for production of mechanical dolls, musical automata and expensive luxury items similar to products by Vichy in 1876.

Mechanical automata from Lamber workshop were very popular and were sold well. The master actively participated in various exhibitions and always knew how to amaze the sophisticated public. The 90-cantimeter, singing serenades, doll of Mephistopheles presented by Lamber at the World Fair of 1900, became one of the most discussed exhibits. Then followed his success at the exhibitions in Liege in 1904, and in Milan in 1905.

The museum Collection section “Amusing automata” features about 50 automata produced in the workshop of Leopold Lambert.

Photo album prepared for the anniversary of the master is in our photo gallery.