Today is the Day of Inventor and Innovator

The history of inventions is as long as the history of humanity. In fact, inventions made man a human being. Inventors and innovators have always enjoyed great respect, their names are familiar to almost everyone, and they fully deserve the establishment of their own professional holiday.

Thanks to a non-established view of life and cogitation pattern of those amazing people, the humankind has acquired thousands of innovative concepts, tools and items, without which it is impossible to imagine the contemporary life.

Today, on the Day of Inventor and Innovator, we once again recallect the names of the prominent inventors of the late 18th - early 20th centuries that to a significant degree determined the course of technical progress development in the sphere of watchmaking, mechanical musical instruments and items and music records production: Abraham Louis Breguet, Gustav Vichy, Edwin Votey, Pierre Jacques-Droz, William Congreve, Oscar Paul Lochmann, Charles Pathe, Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, Ludwig Hupfeld, Thomas Alva Edison.

The works of these ingenious inventors are presented in the museum Collection in the sections - “Mechanical Musical Instruments and Objects”, “Clocks and Objects with Movement” and “Music Records”.