Artifacts of the Great Patriotic War in the museum Collection repository

On June 24, military parade will be held on the Red Square in Moscow. Initially, it was supposed to take place on May 9 - on the day of World War II formalized completion, but due the coronavirus pandemic, which had not yet ended, the parade was rescheduled.

It will be held today, on the day of the 75th anniversary of the historic Victory Parade on June 24, 1945, strictly adhering to the similar scenario.

On this significant day, June 24, 1945, the Red Square decorated with banners, looked triumphant. Troops were lined up for the parade. The facade of The State Department Store façade was decorated with coats of arms of all Union republics, the USSR coat of arms was in the center of the composition. On the opposite side of the square, on both sides of the Mausoleum, additional stands were erected for the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, diplomats, artists and artists. 1400 musicians of the combined military band entered the Red Square cobblestones, and the music of Mikhail Glinka "Glory, Glory to you, Holy Rus!" merged with the salvos of celebratory gunfire. Several dozen camera operators filmed the Victory Parade.

The next day, the reception was held in honor of the commanders of the Red Army in the Grand Kremlin Palace, in the luxurious interior of the St. George Hall. It was attended by the commanders of the fronts, armies, prominent military leaders, scientists, designers, intellectuals, and of course, by the Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the RSFSR.

The Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR occupied a special place in this grandiose event. The Breast badges of the Deputies that are stored in the museum Collection repository, as well as their bearers, witnessed the remarkable event that symbolized the triumph of peace and freedom.

The film about the first Victory Parade was repeatedly re-edited and scaled down; less and less witnesses of this epic event are still alive. Nevertheless, with high degree of probability it can be assumed that the very badges that are nowadays stored in the museum Collection repository were then on the chests of the Deputies of the Supreme Soviet when the banners of the defeated enemy fell to their feet.

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