Announcement of the lecture webinar “The firms, Imperial Court Supplies, presented in the museum Collection”

Dear friends, we invite you to participate in the lecture “The firms, Imperial Court Supplies, presented in the museum Collection exposition”, which will be held on June 11, 2020 at 18:30.

During the lecture-webinar, you will be acquainted with the creative work of the outstanding masters who had the title of the Imperial court suppliers. This title was as difficult to obtain as prestigious! The firms of Karl Bolin, Pavel Ovchinnikov, Ignatius Sazikov and Carl Faberge were inscribed in the history of jewelry, left their indelible imprint on decorative and applied art heritage. Their precious masterpieces adorned the imperial palaces, complemented the images of aristocrats with luxurious personal items.

At the lecture webinar, we will talk about the firms - the Imperial court suppliers, touch upon some aspects of jewelry in Russian Empire and look at items stored in the museum Collection exposition, which comprise the pride of jewelry masters of the second half of the 19th –early 20th centuries.

Lecturer - Olga Melikyan. Duration - 1 hour, participation is free.

Link to registration https://go.mywebinar.com/ctvz-vwkf-fxvw-pswe

Before the lecture, you have the opportunity to be acquainted with the works of masters that deserved the title of the Imperial court suppliers in the collection sections "Russian  Metal  Artworks", "Russian  Enamel" and "Jewelry". Biographies of the masters are in the section “Authors”.