Updates on the Museum Collection website in the section “Decorative Arts and Jewelry”

Applied and decorative arts (from Latin "deco" – I decorate) cover various areas of creative work that have one thing in common: they all unite objects of art intended for people’s domestic needs. Since the second half of the 19th century, the classification of Applied and decorative arts areas in terms of material (metal, ceramics, textile, wood, etc.) and technology (carving, painting, embroidery, printing, casting, chiseling, intarsia, etc.) was established.

The museum Collection section of Applied and Decorative Arts  features seemingly diversified objects: art glass, ceramics, gold and silverware, art bronze, decorative objects made of ornamental stones, utensils, tableware and interior plastic arts. This variety is denoted in the very term that brings together two vast sections of art – applied and decorative.

We continue to replenish the Museum site with new exhibits. Today we bring to your attention the updates in the section "Decorative Arts and Jewelry”. You can be acquainted with those exhibits in detail in the subsections “Glass Art and Ceramic Art, “Metal Artworks”, “Lapidary Works of Art”, “Jewelry” and “Russian Enamel”.