Thematic exhibition of art and craft items from the museum Collection repository

The exhibition of recent acquisitions opens in the zone of the central atrium of the museum Collection on March 6, 2020. It will acquaint the visitors with one of the most important areas of the museum work – the collection replenishment and acquisition.

The art pieces of Russian and Western European decorative art, dating back to the 19th-20th centuries, which enriched the collections of silver, glass and ceramics artworks, are selected for display.

The exhibition will feature the items of the Bakhmetev factory, the Imperial Glass Factory (IGF), Nichols and Plinke firm, Moscow branch of C. Faberge firm, St. Petersburg master A.F. Petrov, Kiev factory of I. Marshak, Moscow workshop of I.F. Tarabrov, Moscow plated silver workshop of S. Ikonnikov and St. Petersburg silverware workshop of N. Yanichkin.

Several objects created in the middle or second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries, represent European decorative art.

New exhibition, dedicated to the beginning of spring, for the first time acquaints the audience with a number of scientifically and artistically valuable exhibits, as well as report the museum creative account on the activities in the field of research and search for art treasures.