The 215th birth jubilee of Napoleon Jacques – French sculptor, who worked in Russia for the long time, is celebrated in 2019

Napoleon Jacques was the French sculptor who worked in St. Petersburg (from 1833 to 1858) for 25 years and achieve prominence there. He became the first foreign sculptor to work in Russia. The sculptor created realistic images of common people and genre scenes in the format of bronze cabinet plastics. His followers were such sculptors as Nikolay Lieberich, Eugene Lanceray and Vasily Grachev, who fully realized this genre, making it popular and in demand.

His most well-known works are The Caucasian Highlander (1851), The Caucasian Warrior (1851), A Boy in the Russian Costume (1853), Bust of E.L. Lazarev, a series of statuettes "Types": Grosser, Street Vendor, Carpenter, A Girl in the Russian Dress, Statuette of Russian Blacksmith (created in 1852-1855); he was the author of the monument to Peter The Great that was erected in Kronstadt in 1842.

Napoleon Jacques works are stored or exhibited in the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, museum Collection and the Chuvash State Art Museum.

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