November 28 is the 190th birth anniversary of Anton Rubinstein, the greatest composer and pianist

Аnton Grigorievich Rubinstein was a person of truly renaissance level. His powerful talent was manifested in many areas related to music. An outstanding pianist, he performed a lot in Russia, Europe and America; created hundreds of compositions. As the head of the Russian Musical Society (RMO) that he established, Rubinstein conducted the first symphony concerts of the society, was engaged in educational and charitable activities, taught students and lectured. On his initiative, The first Russian Conservatory was founded in St. Petersburg on his initiative.

To commemorate the anniversary of Anton Rubinstein - a brilliant pianist, the largest organizer of musical life and composer, who worked in different genres and created a number of excellent works, we prepared a musical selection, which is composed of his works and recorded from the musical media stored in the museum Collection repository.