November 12 is the birthday of Russian composer, scientist and public figure Alexander Borodin

Alexander Borodin is one of the remarkable representatives of Russian culture of the second half of the 19th century - a brilliant composer, an outstanding scientist-chemist and an active public figure, teacher, conductor and music critic; he possessed extraordinary literary talent as well. However, Borodin entered the history of world culture as a composer.
His compositions are distinguished by the depth and richness of content, the variety of genres, and classical harmony of forms. Most of them are connected with the Russian epos, they narrate the story of the people heroic feats.
Borodin is the author of cordial, sincere lyrics, a playful joke and soft humor are not alien to him. Wide range of narration, tunefulness, colorfulness of harmonies and active dynamic aspiration characterize the composer’s musical style. 

For the composer's birthday, we prepared the symphonic sketch In the Steppes of Central Asia by A. Borodin, recorded from musical media that are stored in the museum Collection musical library.

The biography of the composer is in the section Authors.