November 6 is the anniversary of American composer and conductor of brass bands John Phllippe Sousa

John Phllippe Sousa was one of the most prolific American composers - he wrote 136 marches, more than ten operettas, many humoresques and waltzes. Not a single official event in the USA is complete without his music. His marches cause a storm of applause and cries of "encore!" during the concerts. His music does not become out-of-date, despite the fact that John Phllippe Sousa was born 165 years ago.

Every year on November 6, a solemn ceremony dedicated to his birthday is held near the composer’s grave at the historic Washington Parish Burial Ground. The US Marine Orchestra performs several of his marches, and the conductor lays a wreath on his grave.

His descendants come to honor the memory of the great composer: grandnephew and niece - John Phllippe Sousa Pugh and Betty Lee Donagan.

According to the composer's nephew, “Phllippe Sousa was able to discover a special, natural, human rhythm. Each instrument in his works speaks its own language. He was just a genius. His music lives and breathes. It is universal, all nationalities and peoples understand it. It is unique”.

U.S. Marine Orchestra Deputy Conductor Captain Michelle Reykers believes that Sousa was a genuine American composer. He expressed the American spirit in his works. She says that she has not met people who believe that his music is out of date. “A good march will never die. Can Beethoven go out of fashion? I do not compare Sousa with Beethoven, but there are works that will never become obsolete, they have their own place in history and in our hearts”.

Metal discs with the recordings of marches by John Phllippe Sousa (producers: Stella and Regina) are presented in the museum section “Music records”.

Composer’s biography in the section Authors.

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