August 23 is the 165th birth anniversary of the German composer Moritz Moszkowski

Moritz Moszkowski is a German composer, pianist and conductor of Polish origin. His Slavic origin was reflected in his compositions, in their special shades, in their "fire" and "brilliance."

Moszkowski’s works abound with beautiful and graceful melodies, bright and attractive rhythms, perfection of form and melodic framing. His music is romantic in design, it always moves in the direction of the thought conceived by the composer, the composer is both prolific and original. Each page of his works is filled with fantasy, and the form is always so clear, harmonious and understandable that his music easily finds a way to the hearts of listeners.

Musical compilation dedicated to Moritz Moszkowski jubilee is presented in our SOUND LIBRARY.

The biography of the pianist, composer and conductor is in the section AUTHORS.