David Iakobachvili was rewarded with the Lev Nikolayev golden medal

On February 18, within the framework of the eighth Lev Nikolayev golden medal presentation ceremony - David Iakobachvili, the founder of the Museum Collection, was handed out the award. The ceremony took place in Moscow at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

Every year, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the TV company Civilization announce awardees – the outstanding contemporary persons, who made a great contribution to the education and popularization of science and culture.

For the achievements in 2018, the patron of arts David Iakobachvili was awarded with golden medal.

David Iakobachvili is the founder of the unique private Museum Collection, which presents mechanical musical instruments and objects – ancient barrel organs, amusing automata, clocks and objects with movement, as well as vast collection of ancient music records.

Accepting the award, David Iakobachvili said, “Thank you for this award, this is a new grade in my life. The year was very significant for us - we opened the Museum. The museum is very diverse. More than 25 collections are stored in it - from mechanical musical instruments and objects to the Russian and Western-European bronze artworks, items from silver and gold,  and lapidary works of art. Besides, we have a lot of music - huge fund in the form of cylinders, paper music rolls and records that were created many years ago. All these objects reflect the progress of science, the development of art, scientific discoveries that were made in the 15th-20th centuries. We tried to display it all in our museum. As the next step, we are planning the opening of a Museum in Sochi at the Sirius site. Many thanks to the director of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Marina Loshak, the president of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Irina Antonova, the president of the media group Transcontinental MediaCompany Alexander Mitroshenkov - everyone who made the  decision to award our Museum. We will be glad to welcome you in our Museum”.

Medal of Lev Nikolayev was established in 2011.

Photo report from the ceremony is in the section "Photo Gallery".