The Knowledge Day was held at the Museum Collection site on January 31, 2019

On January 31, within the framework of the Knowledge Day for JSFK SISTEMA employees a sightseeing tour and a lecture on the history of mechanical sound recording were organized at the Museum Collection site. The lecture was prepared by the Museum scientific researchers Lebedeva S.N. and Lebedev V.A.

In the lecture, Valentin Andreyevich Lebedev gave a detailed account of the prerequisites for phonoautograph and phonograph creation, invention of the first gramophone and gramophone, the evolution of the phonograph cylinders. The lecturer narrated about the existing methods of sound recording and reproducing on cylinders and discs, the invention of aluminum sound boxes and the appearance of the first disk records, the emergence of electrical recordings (1925) and the recording industry development in America, in Europe and in Russia.

Edouard-Leon Scott (1917-1879), Thomas Alva Edison (1837-1031), Charles Cros (1842-1887), Emil Berliner (1851-1929), Eldridge R. Johnson (1867-1945), Pathe Freres (Charles - 1863-1957 et Emile - 1869-1937) were great inventors and innovators, without whom it is impossible to imagine the history and evolution of sound recording - from tin foil to a quadraphonic (four-channel) record.

The operative items from the Museum Collection fund were demonstrated during the lecture.

They are stored in the sections RECORDING AND PLAYBACK DEVICES  and MUSIC RECORDS.

Photo report about the event is in our PHOTO GALLERY.