International Jeweler’s Day is celebrated on January 31

The professional holiday - the International jeweler’s Day is celebrated worldwide on January 31. It is believed that the idea of establishing this holiday first appeared in 2002 at the festival “Golden Ring of Russia”, which was held in Kostroma. Moreover, in 2008 in Tashkent at the international festival of young jewelers it was decided to establish the International Jeweler’s Day on January 31. This day of the month was chosen since usually jewelers register their hallmarks during the first winter month.

We prepared the thematic photo album with the exhibits from the Museum Collection section “JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES” (Decorative Arts and Jewelry). Items from the Museum fund, created by the famous jewelry workshops and companies are presented in the photo album.

The biographies of world famous gold and silver artisans such as Carl Faberge, Mikhail Perkhin, Karl Griesbaum, Rene Lalique and others are in the section “AUTHORS”.