December 22, 2018 is the 160th birth anniversary of Giacomo Puccini, the representative of the Italian opera classics

Giacomo Puccini was one of the founders of Verismo opera; the composer believed that music and action in the opera should be inseparable. It is for this reason that there were no overtures in the operas of Puccini.

The harmonic language of his operas is unique; the influence of Impressionist music is traced in his compositions. It appears in bright timbre decisions and constant playing with orchestral colors, in the masterful application of acoustic effects that create the illusion of multidimensional space. Thanks to the richness of the melodies, the operas of Puccini, along with the operas by Verdi and Mozart, are the most frequently performed operas in the world.

The selection, prepared especially for the anniversary of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, includes arias from his operas, as well as the fantasy based on the musical themes from the opera La Boheme as interpreted by Orchestrion “Konzërt-Phonolist” (Phonoliszt-Violina Model B) by Hupfeld. The numbers from Puccini’s iconic operas convey the specificity and uniqueness of his musical language. You can laisten to the arias of Liu “Signore, ascolta!” and “Tu, che di gel sei cinta” from the opera Turandot, the aria of Tosca “Vissi d'arte” from the opera Tosca, the aria of Rudolpho “Che gelida manina” and Fantasy from the opera La Boheme.

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