The 175th anniversary of Edward Grieg

Edward Grieg - composer, pianist and conductor, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of Norwegian musical culture, was born on June 15, 1843.

Edward Grieg was born in the city of Bergen, in the family of the British consul, Alexander Grieg, and a professional pianist, graduate from the Hamburg Conservatory, Gesina Hagerup.

Grieg graduated from the Leipzig Conservatory in 1862. Soon he left for Copenhagen, studied the Scandinavian art - music, literature, fine arts.

In 1871, Grieg founded a musical association to popularize the creative work of Norwegian composers. The composer communicated with progressive figures of Norwegian culture, actively participated in the general movement for its development.

His creative reached its maturity during this period.

One of Grieg's key works is the music for Ibsen's drama "Peer Gynt", written in January 1874.

The first classic of Norwegian academic music, Grieg glorified his country and put it in line with the leading musical schools in Europe.

Other facts from biography of  Edward Grieg - in the section Authors.