Commemorating the 165th birth anniversary of the Russian sculptor Peter Turgenev

April 2, 2018 is the 165th anniversary of birth of the Russian sculptor Peter Nikolayevich Turgenev.

The son of the exiled Decembrist Nikolai Turgenev, a relative and close friend of the writer Ivan Turgenev, he was born and spent his life in France. Talented sculptor-animalist, Turgenev studied under the famous artist Emmanuel Frémiet. He was an exhibitor and prizewinner of Paris Salon exhibitions from 1880 to 1911; four times he received the honorary awards. Turgenev's sculpture won the Grand Prix during the Exposition Universelle in 1889. In 1903, for successful creative and social activities, P.N. Turgenev received the highest award of the French Republic - Legion of Honor Order.

Works of P.N. Turgenev are stored in the Museum “Collection”, among them are
"Bear", "German Shepherd Dog", "Napoleon's Hussar of 1806".

The sculptor’s biography is in the section “Authors”.