Turgenev, Piotr


Piotr Nikolayevich Turgenev (Pierre-Nicolas Tourgueneff). Was born in 1853, lived and died in Paris. Was a connoisseur of Russian culture.

He began to study sculpture in 1865, when he started to work under the famous sculptor Emmanuel Frémiet. He made great progress, his figurine "Orlov Trotter" was accepted to the Paris Salon exhibition in 1870. It should be noted that the favorite artist’s topic for depicting throughout his life were different images of horses; he became an acknowledged master in this field. For example, following the advice of I. S. Turgenev, he created a life-size sculpture group "Russian Peasant with a Pair of Horses". Created 23 life-size figures of horses, working as an assistant to the famous battle painter Édouard Detaille, who received an order from the World Paris exhibition of 1900 to reproduce the French army over the past century.

Superior work of Piotr Nikolayevich in the field of sculpture, and especially in creation of sculptural horse groups gained him the fame and glory in France. He got many orders, mainly from the French War Department. Was awarded with the Legion of Honor order in 1897.

His other passion was creating the images of famous personalities of Russian culture and history. The statue of Ermak on horseback should be marked especially, the monuments to Alexander II and Alexander III and the bust of I. S. Turgenev. His other works also deserve mentioning. They are - a group of life-size French Haulers (burlaks) (the real haulers were models for it); a marble group "Source"; statue of a young girl playing the flute.

The name of P.N. Turgenev became known in Russia only since the 1900s.

Interesting facts:

Was the famous Turgenev’s family latest offspring, a distant relative and close friend of Ivan Turgenev. The son of the Decembrist Nikolai Turgenev