Anniversary dates of the Bruguier dynasty

2018 is a year double anniversary year for the family of the famous Swiss watchmakers and jewellers – the Bruguier family

The 230th anniversary of Charles-Abraham Bruguier birth - the founder of the family dynasty is celebrated this year. The senior Bruguier gained worldwide fame due to his caskets and snuffboxes with miniature singing birds; he perfected the sound and improved animation capabilities of the birds. The objects that he created were richly decorated by famous Geneva enamellist, such as Richter, Dufey and Procchietto.

  Charles-Abraham Bruguier is considered one of the best masters of musical mechanics of the 19th century, and his works occupy a worthy place in the expositions of the world's leading museums, private collections and galleries. They are presented in the collection of our Museum as well.

The 200th anniversary of Charles-Abraham Bruegier’s Junior birth, the successor of the family business, is celebrated this year.

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