Sculptor Maria Dillon was born on October 27,1858

Sculptor Maria Dillon was born on October 27,1858 Today, October 27, we celebrate the birthday of the first woman - a professional sculptor in Russia - Maria Lvovna Dillon.

Dillon's passion for sculpture was evident from childhood, and predetermined her choice - she entered the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Her talent and diligence were recognized and her works had been awarded by medals during her studies already. Later, she continued her education in Europe. Before the Revolution, Maria Dillon was one of the most famous sculptors, thanks to the skill of execution and the ability to convey in her artistic works not only portrait resemblance, but the finest images and emotions as well. Her most known works - "Bliss", "Captive", "A capricious girl", "Ophelia", "Esmeralda", a statue of Pushkin's Tatiana - invariably enjoyed success amid the noble society, were printed on postcards. The marble portrait sculpture "Lilia" was purchased by the Imperial family and displayed in the Alexander Palace.

Trying to meet the latest artistic trends, Dillon then abandoned the traditions of Art Nouveau, so typical of her, and created woks in the style of realism. One of the bright examples is well known and noted by the prize sculpture "In the Far East" ("Letter from the Motherland"). Then again, she returned to the stylistics of Salon Art. After the Revolution, a completely different artistic language became relevant in art and new tasks were set before the sculptors, which matched the spirit of post-revolutionary Russia. Maria Dillon did not cut out a place for herself in those circumstances; her works were underestimated and practically not demanded. They were very few in this period; her participation in exhibitions was rare.

Maria Dillon, one of the most poetic and sensual sculptors of the Silver Age, died in Leningrad on June 14, 1932. Unfortunately, her name was forgotten for many years. Several works by Maria Dillon are presented in the Museum Collection, including her most famous "Bliss" and "Captive".