Phonograph and gramophone from the Museum "Collection" are presented at the exhibition "Freedom for All? The History of One Nation in the Years of Revolution"

Two exhibits from the Museum "Collection" are on display at the external site. On October 17, 2017 the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center opened the exhibition "Freedom for All? The History of One Nation during the Years of Revolution", a multi-disciplinary project prepared in partnership with the Museum of Jewish History in Russia. The exhibition narrates about the cultural, political and religious development of the Jewish community in Russia during the years of the Revolution (1917 – 1919). Wide range of historical evidence and documents while preparing the exhibition reflects the entire diversity of the political and cultural life from 1917 up to 1919.

The exhibits and design create a feeling of being present and immersed in the atmosphere of the revolutionary period. It introduces a short but eventful and significant period of the Jewish community history in Russia. The Museum "Collection" provided two exhibits for this project: a phonograph produced by the American firm Thomas A. Edison (1917) and a Pathe gramophone (1910). The exposition will be opened until January 14, 2018.
More information about this exhibition is on the site of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.