New exhibits in the section "Prints"

Museum Collection website continues to be replenished! We present the subsection "Maps" with the exhibits from the cartographic collection of the Museum. This subsection is comprised of the engraved and lithographed maps of the territories of the Caucasus and Russian Empire southern regions dating back to the late 18th and early 20th centuries, featuring the history of the incorporation of these regions into Russia.
The maps have diverse content. There are geographic, administrative and topographic maps, transport routes maps, plans of territories and ethnic areas. All those ancient documents allow us to trace and follow the growth and the prosperity of the Empire basing on the graphical evidence.
For the in-depth acquaintance with the theme, you can read the biography of one of the famous cartographers of the end of the XVIIIth - the beginning of the XIXth century - Konrad Malt-Brune.
“A Map of the Southern Regions of the Russian Empire" from “The Complete and Universal Geographical Atlas” published by K. Malt-Brune is stored in the Museum Collection. This map is especially interesting because of the fact that rare historical details are reflected in it. For example, the Polish and Baltic lands, Georgia, Finland and Russian Empire possessions in the North America that have just been integrated in the Empire are depicted on it.
Welcome to the world of maps!