The thematic photo album dedicated to Thomas Edison's jubilee is published in our Photo Gallery

Аdapted from: Museum Collection

We dedicated the photo album of February to the famous inventor - Thomas Edison, the 170th anniversary of his birthday was celebrated on February 11, 2017.

Various models of Edison phonographs and gramophones are presented in the Museum “Collection”. Among them are: the first phonograph, functioning on the basis of foil tin covered cylinders (1880); the first phonograph with spring motor (1899); GEM phonographs (1900); Bell Business phonographs (1900), Business (1906), Bell, Home, Triumph, Suitcase, Standard, Fireside, Amberola, Concert, Diamond Discs gramophones and Bell Portable gramophones; as well as voice recorders, shaving machines, Edison system cylinders and gramophone records.

The photos of the exhibits are presented in our Photo Gallery.
 Interesting facts from Thomas Edison biography are published in the section “Authors”.