New exhibits in the section "Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases"

Аdapted from: Museum Collection

Our website is replenished with some new exhibits. We present a collection of ancient snuffboxes attributed to the 18-19th centuries.

Snuffbox was one of the landmark accessories in the past. Snuffboxes were very popular in Europe for more than two centuries, from the end of the 17th until the end of the 19th century. The courteous 18th century, referred sometimes as "A century of snuffboxes", turned out to be the golden age for snuffboxes. It was the time when a snuffbox turned out to be a must-have ceremonial item. In those days, a snuffbox became not just a container for the snuff tobacco storage – it was an extremely fashionable and demanded dainty item, a symbol of a certain social status.

Demand for snuffboxes was huge. The best goldsmiths were snowed under the orders. Nothing limited the imagination of jewelers. Traditional materials were used for those exquisite hand-made articles.

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