Meeting of the Prime minister Dmitry Medvedev with private museums' owners

The founder of the Museum Collection David Iakobachvili participated in the panel on the problems of private museums within INTERMUSEUM-2015, which was conducted by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev June 10. As David Iakobachvili noted, “a great number of problems, sounded by private owners, were tackled during the meeting”. Further he suggested that the government should pay more attention to educational programs. "Private museums own unique contents, in our case it is the full history of musical mechanics, clock art and sound recording history. I would like that this information is available to a wide range of audience, especially for youth, students and school pupils. That is why I suggested creating a serial of informative TV movies and training programs based on the funds of private museums. The idea was supported by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, and Dmitry Medvedev promised to encharge the corresponding bodies with this task", - wrote David Iakobachvili in his Facebook.