Wall and Console Clocks

Musical quarter striking console clock with calendar, alarm and repeater

    Musical quarter striking console clock with calendar, alarm and repeater


    Mid-18th century

    Wood, metal, enamel, glass; casting, varnishing, gilding, mechanical work

    Height 100 cm, cylinder - 23 cm

    Inscriptions on the label: “255”, imprint on the door: “Francois Marie Farina”


    Musical console clock in wooden case covered with dark-blue varnish, with polychrome floral patterns in Vernis Martin technique, with cast floral ornament from gilded bronze, on four leaves-shaped feet and glazed windows on the lateral sides. The case upper part is decorated with the composition featuring gilded laurel branches with a bird sitting on them. Ornately shaped glazed door with openwork cast pattern with the forest scene of deerstalking with a dog is on the case front side. White enamel clock dial with Arabic numerals marking hours and Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in 15 divisions, with the odd days’ designation, two openwork and two black straight hands for the alarm and calendar and two apertures for winding  the clockwork and clock striking. Musical movement is under the clockwork: a carillon with twelve bells and twenty-five hammers, spring motor, a fusée and wooden pinned barrel for six tunes. The fixed winding key for the musical movement is in the bottom to the left. The repeater wire and the cord for winding the alarm are in the upper part.
    The clock is mounted on covered with dark-blue varnish console with floral ornament in the Vernis Martin technique and cast gilded bronze foliage pattern. The clock mechanism is pendulum, with two spring motors, verge escapement, eight-day power reserve, quarter chiming of four hammers upon four bells. Two keys are in the set.
    The clock, presumably, belonged to the family of François Marie Farina - a famous perfumer from Italy, the producer of the famous Cologne water (Eau de Cologne) since 1709 at the address: “Cologne, rue de la Cloche, no 4711”.