Wall and Console Clocks

Musical quarter striking console clock with calendar and repeater

    Musical quarter striking console clock with calendar and repeater

    Switzerland, Neuchatel


    Steel, brass, wood, glass; casting, painting, mechanical and carpentry works

    74 x 32.5 x 16 cm

    Inscriptions on the plate: “Autre Mêmé”, “Musique Continue”, “Musique Silence”


    Console clock in the black wooden case, with painted floral and foliage ornaments, golden hemming elements, on four curved feet. Gilded ovoid is on the dome-shaped finial. Double-up door with the engraved hemming of round convex and flat oval glasses and a latch lock on the case front side center. White enamel clock dial with Roman numerals marking hours and Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in five divisions, with the odd days designation from 1 to 31 and three apertures  for winding the clockwork , striking  and calendar. Openwork hour and minute hands are golden, the calendar hand is black. Glazed windows are on lateral panels, repeater cord with red small ball is to the left. The clock is mounted on black console with painted floral patterns, golden horizontal onlays and arch. Musical movement with pinned cylinder is mounted inside the console, the connection with the clock is by the wire, brass onlay with on/off levers of the musical movement, repeating or changing the melodies and the inscriptions “Autre Mêmé”, “Musique Continue”, “Musique Silence”. Winding hole is below. The clockwork is pendulum, with three spring motors, verge escapement, five-day power reserve, quarter chiming, calendar and the repeater. The key is in the set