Wall and Console Clocks

Musical half hour striking console clock

    Musical half hour striking console clock


    Circa 1850

    Metal, wood, glass, enamel; casting, gilding, engraving, mechanical work

    148 x 53 x 18 cm, 26 kg


    Console clock in wooden case with black varnish finishing, with a cast gilded bronze foliage ornament the Boulle style, with finial in the form of cast gilded figurine of an angel-herald with trumpet on black ball, on four stylized leaves-shaped feet. Ornately shaped glazed door with gilded foliage ornament and latch is on the case front side. Golden-colored with white enamel inserts clock dial with blue Roman numerals for hours’ designation, engraved Arabic numerals for minutes’ marks in five divisions, with two ornately shaped black hands and two winding holes for the clockwork and clock chime on the field with embossed curls. The clock is mounted on covered with black varnish console with moulding with repeating ornament and cast gilded bronze pattern in the form of grotesque masks and curls. Musical movement with pinned cylinder is fixed in the console, the connection with the clock is by the wire through the clock stand, the lever with two positions for turning the mechanism on and off is on the front side of the console, the musical movement winding pin is to the right. The clock mechanism is pendulum, with the lens in the form of a star with mascaron, with two spring motors, verge escapement, eight-day power reserve, half hour strike upon the gong. Two keys are in the set.