Wall and Console Clocks

Musical quarter striking moon phase wall clock with automaton

    Musical quarter striking moon phase wall clock with automaton

    The Netherlands

    mid 16th century

    Wood, steel, brass, catgut; casting, forging, riveting, wood carving

    64 х 48 x 21 cm


    Clock is mounted in steel carcass, closed with black wooden doors on the lateral sides, with latches and two round apertures to allow access to the weights’ lifting shafts. Brown color clock face with golden ornament with curls on the corners, black ring dial with Roman numerals designating hours, minute divisions and two hands is on the front side. Moon’s phase indicator window is on the central dark blue surface. Three carved wooden figures in red, dark green and golden color "clothes" are set above the clock shield behind golden balustrade: two striking jacks’ automata and automaton in the shape of Chronos figure with a scythe is between them. The scythe is moving synchronously with the balancer. Clockwork with Foliot balance, verge escapement, gravity powered drive, quarter hour strike of two striking jacks on two bells and an hour strike on big bell. Musical movement – six bells and hammers, fusee and pinned cylinder for three tunes plays the selected melody every fourth hour. Weights lifting is exercised by detachable crank with wooden handle. Connection of the clock structural elements is realized by using blacksmithing technology: parts of the frame are connected by forging, riveting and wedges. This technique was applied while creating gravity powered drive tower clocks and remained in construction of oldest wall clocks with gravity gear.