Wall and Console Clocks

Regulator wall clock

    Regulator wall clock

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    Сirca 1860

    Henry Moser & Cie

    Mahogany, steel, brass, glass; mechanical work, carpentry, silvering, faceting

    Height 133 cm

    Inscriptions on the clock face: “Г. Мозеръ и Ко. С.Петербургъ"


    Clock-regulator is mounted in vertical mahogany veneered wooden case, on the socle, with profile cornice and two glazed windows on the lateral sides upper parts. Door with three hinges, faceted glass and lock is on the  facade. Three dials are on the silver-plated square clock face. One blued steel hand is on each of them. Big dial with the Arabic numerals every fifth division and the inscription: “Г. Мозеръ и Ко. С.Петербургъ”, the small lower dial with hours' graduation by Roman numerals, the upper small - with seconds' graduation by Arabic numerals every tenth division. Clockwork with cancellated steel and zinc pendulum, with  massive brass lens, small plumb weight in golden color brass case with block, lever escapement deadbeat and eight-day period winding. Winding key and handle for lifting the weights are in the set.Clock-regulator is a clock in which hours', minutes' and seconds' hands are on different axes and dials, which provides increased accuracy.