Wall and Console Clocks

Console clock with quarter chime

    Console clock with quarter chime

    Switzerland, La-Chaux-de-Fonds

    circa 1780

    Droz, Jaquet

    Wood, bronze, enamel, glass, steel, brass; carving, mechanical work

    125 х 48 х 20 cm

    On the key: “14”


    Musical console clock in wooden case, fine wood veneered and varnished, light brown in color, with molded floral and geometric ornaments of gilded bronze, on four feet, front feet in the form birds’ claw, with removable openwork lattices on the lateral sides closed with green fabric from the inner side. The upper part of the body is decorated with fleuron in the form of a vase with flowers and garlands of laurel branches. Glazed ornately shaped door with openwork molded ornament with laurel branches, musical symbols at the bottom is on the front side.

    White enamel dial, with radially located hours’ Roman numerals pointing hours and Arabic numerals in five divisions designating minutes, with two engraved gilt brass hands and two apertures for the clock mechanism and chime winding. Musical movement that turns on every hour is mounted beneath the clock mechanism. The clock is fixed on light brown console with cast ornament of gilded bronze in the form of a grotesque mask, grapevine and symbols of love. Three keys are in the set.