Wall and Console Clocks

Console clock with quarter chime

    Console clock with quarter chime

    Switzerland, La-Chaux-de-Fonds


    Bronze, brass, wood, glass; casting, gilding, mechanical work

    130 x 55 x 28 cm


    Clock in wooden ornately shaped case, coated with black varnish, is mounted on a tapering down console and form a single ensemble. The curved edges of the clock and console are decorated with openwork cast gilded elements in the form of laurel garlands, acanthus leaves, curls and ribbons. The upper part of the clock case is crowned with gilded vase with handles and a pinecone on top. The case stands on cast gilt stepped feet. The console shelf is decorated with gilded lamb heads with rings in the teeth. Acoustic windows are on the case sides. A glazed door in the form of a molded composition of laurel garlands, leaves and an openwork vase with flowers is on the front side. It covers the dial and musical movement. Roman numerals representing the hours, and minute scale with Arabic numerals every five divisions are on round white enamelled dial. Two openwork gilded hands indicate hours and minutes. Two apertures with square turn-key pins serve for winding the clock and chime. The clock mechanism is pendulum, with cylinder escapement, two spring engines, a power reserve for eight days, a quarter chime on two bells with two hammers. The musical movement is in the clock bottom part.

    Music sounds at the beginning of every hour. Three keys are in the set.