Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Palais Royale necessaire with musical movement France

    Palais Royale necessaire with musical movement France


    Second quarter of the 19th century

    Metal, steel, brass, silk, velvet, mother-of-pearl; gilding, engraving, casting, mechanical works

    Width 21 cm


    Tabletop Palais Royale necessaire in the form of a chest stands on the openwork gilded plinth with ornately shaped cast feet, with converging down lateral sides and hinged top lid. The sides are covered with mother-of-pearl plates engraved along the perimeter, rimmed with gilded frames with floral patterns on mesh surface. Swivel cast handles in the form of flower garlands are fixed on the narrow sides. Keyhole with cast onlay in the form of a vase with flowers and acanthus leaves is on the front side. The lock closes the top lid; volumetric dimensional composition comprised of painted artificial flowers and leaves, closed by thin glass oval dome and rimmed by thin engraved frame is in the center. Engraved mother-of-pearl corner panels surround the composition. The lid upper surface is rimmed by gilded frame with floral ornament on mesh field and openwork cast gilded baluster, comprised of the flower garlands’ chain and crescents. Peach-colored velvet-covered board with seven lodgments for needlework tools is under the top lid - for scissors with gilded rings, sewing awl, hook, case for needles and gilded thimble. Metal sliding buttons for controlling the musical movement are on the sides of cast onlay on the case rear side. The right one activated the movement; the left one switches the melodies. The necessaire bottom side is covered with cardboard panel with built-in winding key. Musical movement with pinned cylinder for two melodies, sound comb with tuned teeth and key-wind spring drive is mounted inside the case.
    The key with ornately shaped cast gilded head for the lid lock is in the set.