Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical box

    Musical box


    Circa 1900

    Vinsent Auguste

    Tin, steel, brass; presswork, coloring, painting, mechanical work

    4 x 10 x 6 cm

    On the movement: “9053”, “JV”


    Box in rectangular tinned case with lateral panels and lattice-shaped image, bordered by goldish stripes on the top and bottom sides. Piano type hinged lid with the image featuring children - a boy with books and a girl on paper sticker in black frame, is on the case top. Art framed label with handwritten list of melodies is on the lid inner side. Two mother-of-pearl buttons for activating the musical movement on the left-hand side and for switching the melody on the right-hand side are on the front panel. Colored surface with aperture with pin for winding the musical movement is on the bottom panel. Musical movement with pinned cylinder with two melodies, steel sound comb, number “9053”, the initials “JV” and spring drive is mounted under the lid. Winding key with two apertures in the head and square-cut channel is in the set.
    Two melodies are encoded on the cylinder: a waltz and, presumably, the March of the Musketeers of Louis XIII (Marche des mousquetaires de Louis XIII, Op.22), by the French composer Auguste Vinsent (01.11.1829-08.07.1888), first published in 1869.