Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Piano-shaped musical cigarette case

    Piano-shaped musical cigarette case


    The 20th century

    Walnut, steel, brass; polishing, lathe (turning), mechanical work

    12.5 x 16 x 12 cm

    On the bottom panel “ MADE in AUSRIA”


    Cigarette case in piano-shaped walnut box, on four black chiseled feet, with piano type hinged lid in black frame on the top. Horizontal panel with the image of a keyboard with white and black keys is fixed on protruding console. Plywood multilayer insert with thirty-six brass cigarette cartridges is under the lid, musical movement with pinned cylinder, steel sound comb and spring motor, covered with wooden panel is below. The lid is opened; the musical movement is activated when the keyboard panel is pressed. The inscription, the musical movement spring winding key and sticker with inscriptions are on the bottom panel.