Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1820

    Jean-Geoge Remond - body; Piquet&Meylan - movement

    Gold, pearl; punch work, engraving, enamel over guilloche, champleve enamel, painted enamel

    8 х 5.5 х 2 cm

    Letter “G” in non-complete circle, two lozenges with illegible signs


    Snuffbox manufactured by Geneva company "Piquet & Meylan", in rectangular metal body with rounded vertical ribs. The body is decorated with punched and engraved ornament combined with painted and champleve enamel. Enamel image of the scene from ancient Rome mythology with Jupiter, Juno and Diana is on the top lid. The image is surrounded by floral punched ornament with blue enamel and grained pearl. Tobacco compartment is under the lid. Guilloched surfaces with enamelled and punched framing are o n the sides. Two switching levers are on the front panel – for movement activating and operating modes switching. Enamelled image of a flowers bouquet on transparent red background is on the bottom side. The guilloched surface is visible through the background. The image is surrounded by floral punched ornament with blue enamel. A keyhole is located in the corner of the image. The lower lid covers very thin music movement comprised of a program disc with thin vertical pins and twenty seven sound teeth. The movement invented in 1796 by Swiss watch-maker Antoine Favr and improved by Isaak-Daniele Piquet.

    It is stored in red leather box with gold lettering on the lid.