Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Switzerland, Geneva


    Jean-Louis Richter, Jean-Georges Remond & Cie, Piguet & Meylan

    Gold, brass, steel, enamel; champleve enamel, engraving, polishing, chasing

    5.45 х 3.5 х 1.8 cm, 85 g

    On the lid inner side: "IC GR" in horizontal lozenge; illegible mark in the oval; on the welt to the left: “PM” - in vertical lozenge. On the paper label: “George. Reymond et Cie Piguet et Meylan 1805 31T H 607”


    Music box in golden rectangular case with rounded vertical ribs and a hinged lid. The guilloched field in the form of horizontal waves within the dark blue champlevé enamel is framed by a chased foliage border with elements of dark blue champlevé enamel are on the lid and bottom surface of the case. A polished image of the shield is on the lid center. Lateral surfaces with guilloche in polished frames, chased ornament with dark blue enamel on vertical ribs. The lever for turning on the musical movement and the two fixing heads’ screws are on the front panel; an aperture for the spring winding is on the front panel. The lid inner side is mirror-polished, with hallmarks. Mountain landscape of polychrome enamel is under the lid: the view of Lake Geneve with sailing boats, in the foreground the shepherd and shepherdess with animals, in the background - the city of Geneva and the tops of Mont Salève and Mont Blanc. Music movement "sur-plateau" consists of a spring motor, a program disk with pins and 31 steel sound reeds, located in two layers: 15 reeds - in the upper, 16 - in the bottom. The box is stored in a case made of Bordeaux leather with a lid and a lock. A paper label with handwritten inscriptions is enclosed in the case lid.