Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Table with a singing bird box

    Table with a singing bird box


    the 20th century

    Silver, brass, steel, feathers; presswork, soldering, painted enamel

    21.8 х 10 х 7.2 сm, 695 gr

    Marks on the case bottom panel: STERLING”, “+”, “MARQUE FABRIQUE”, “4”, triangle with three arrows, coming from the center


    Singing bird in a cage in rectangular silver case in the form of a table on four pyramidal legs with painted polychrome enamel. The polychrome painted enamel images depicting the scenes from the life of putti and angels playing flute, violin, with birds, and fantastic animals in the figured blue enamel frames are on the lateral sides of the case. Painted enamel images of putti, stylized dragons and plants are on the top panel, bordered by figured blue enamel frames. A cage with a door, a figured ring and a round base, the inner part of which is covered with a dark red mesh and an openwork lattice with leaves and birds are in the center. A stand with a bird and a ring is in the center of the lattice. A button that activates the movement is on the right side of the case. An aperture for the bird's movement winding, hallmarks three screw heads are on the bottom brass panel.

    When the movement turned on, the miniature bird in the painted feathers turns in place, flaps its wings, opens and closes the beak. The sound movement imitates bird’s chirping. A winding key with a bird-shaped grip and a rod with a square cross-section channel.