Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box

    Singing bird box

    Germany, Hanau

    circa 1930

    Kurtz Johan Sigismund, Company "J. Kurz & Co"

    Silver, ivory, metal, painted feathers; gilding, casting, chasing, engraving, parfling

    11 х 8.75 х 4.375 cm, 616 gr

    Marks: "925", "crescent", "crown"; image of a swan with letters "J" and "K" on the sides in the oval frame


    Box in gilded silver case is in the form of a book. A cover and a spine of the book are decorated with ivory plates. The top cover is ornated with floral ornaments, made in the technique of inlaying metal, engraving on ivory and metal, chasing. The ornament elements are tinted with gold bronze paint. The inner side of the lid is mirror-polished. The lid is locked with chased metal latch decorated with ivory onlays. A chased silver insert is along the spine. Metal winding key on a plastic stand is in the set. The key grip is in the form of a volumetric bird.