Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box with clock

    Singing bird box with clock



    Silver, steel, painted feathers, ivory, glass; gilding, casting, carving, enamel, gold-painting

    7.8 х 11.5 х 8 cm, 700 gr

    In rectangular frame: "LS"; in oval "925"; in a square with champleve corners "B" (London import mark of 1937); Zodiac sign "Constellation of Lion"

    Box in rectangular silver case with bevelled edges and curvilineal facets. The upper side is decorated with gold-painted white enamel. A young man and woman sitting under a tree are depicted on the left side of the miniature. They listen to a man standing on the right side and playing guitar. An oval lid with a carved ivory onlay is in the center. Two birds sitting on a branch are depicted on it. Slopes of the top panel are covered with black enamel. Each lateral side is divided into three panels, with white enamel field, bordered by curly black frame with thin gold edging. Golden images of cupids playing music instruments are on white enamel background. The square glazed golden clock dial with two hands, black Arabic numerals and minutes graduation are in the center of the box front side. A sliding lever for switching the bird on is on the top panel right. The case stands on four curved faceted legs . A keyhole for winding the bird's movement, clock's crown and hallmarks are on the bottom side. During the operation of the movement the oval lid opens automatically and a tiny bird in painted feathers appears. It spins, flaps its wings and tail, turns the head, opens and closes the beak; the sound movement imitates bird's chirping. On completion of the movement's work the bird hides and the lid descends. The automaton is built according to the scheme, developed in Switzerland in 1895.  The movement is cam-controlled with one whistle and air bellows.