Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox


    19th century

    Silver, tortoise shell, steel, brass, horn; carving, polishing

    9 х 5.7 х 3 сm, 279 g

    On paper sheet: "START", "TUNE", "To start slide Left button to right and then return (otherwise plays until run down). To change tune move Right button to left and repeat as above"


    Tortoise shell rectangular music snuffbox with a hinged lid. There are carved images of two ancient warriors in the center and the messengers of victory - the girls-angels with garlands - on the sides on the lid surface. There are two silver buttons on the front panel: the left one for switching on/off the music movement, the right one for the changing the tunes. An aperture for the spring winding is in the bottom surface. The music movement for two tunes, with a spring mechanism, a program cylinder and a steel sound comb. It is covered with a translucent horny plate of yellowish colour. A key with a grip comprised of a ring and an oval with a hexagonal plate between them and a square cross-section rod. The snuffbox is stored in a wooden case, covered with red leather. It is covered with dark green velvet inside. In the case is enclosed A sheet with the images of buttons, handwritten inscriptions and typewritten text - an instruction for switching on the music movement and changing the tunes is enclosed in the case.