Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox with clock

    Music snuffbox with clock

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Circa 1810

    Henri (Henry) Neisser

    Gold, steel, brass; guilloche, engraving, chasing, champleve enamel, painted enamel

    7.1 х 3.8 х 1.9 cm, 94 gr

    Maker's mark on the lid and case bottom: "HN" in horizontal lozenge; "18K" French mark of 1809-1814 in the form of a cock's head


    Gold and enamel rectangular snuff box with a clock and music movement, the lid unusually decorated with engine-turned portico, within chased pilasters and urns enamelled in blue, the sides and base are engine-turned within similar ornament, opening in two sections, the left - revealing a clock with gold and enamel dial in the form of a tree on a painted enamel background, the annular Arabic enamel dial with blued spade hands beneath subsidiary seconds ring, the going barrel movement with cylinder escapement, central snuff compartment with concealed music movement to the right, with a sliding lever. An aperture for a music movement winding key is in the corner and is a sliding switch is on the right side. The music movement is closed with a guilloche lid. The cuvette lock button is on the front side. Two round dials with cylinder escapement are located vertically on a guilloche mounting plate, covered with blue painted enamel image of garlands with flowers. The dials are white enamel with Arabic numerals, minutes' and seconds' graduation. A square pin for the winding key is under the dials. Gold key with ratchet, decorated with engraving and black and white enamel. The snuffbox is stored in the case with two hooks, covered with Bordeaux leather.