Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox


    early 19th century

    Gold, silver, brass, steel, glass; engraving, gilding, chasing

    9 х 5.6 х 2.8 cm, 341 g

    On the case side: Parisian hallmarks for 800 fine silver for 1819-1938s.Rectangular mark with Latin letters «N L D O U R l E», rectangular mark with number 16. On the inner side of the lid illegible rectangular marks. On the movement's plate : «1616».


    Tortoiseshell and gold music snuffbox with reverse glass painting, playing two tunes. Three-body case, the top painted on glass with a reclining Venus, Cupid at her feet, applied vari coloured gold floral border, engine-turned side panels with floral borders, en suite base, front panel with small disc for changing the tune at the right and at the left for activation. Movement of pinned cylinder type with a comb of 64 tuned vibrating blades arranged in 22 sections of three each (and one single), two-arm fly worm-gear governor. Keyhole is in the case bottom. Brass key with a shaped flat grip.