Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1820

    Piguet & Meylan

    Gold, brass, steel, enamel; engraving, guilloche, chasing, champleve enamel

    1.95 х 7 х 5.5 cm, 196 gr

    On the compartment internal surface: "C & B", "N-Y" - the brand of the trading house "Alfred Frederick Cross & Henry E. Beguelin of New York City"; on the right welt: Swiss mark for gold


    Gold rectangular music snuff box, with rounded corners and a hinged top lid. The central lid is ornated with a rectangular guilloche panel, which is framed by engraved in combination with blue transparent enamel floral ornament. Convex decorative brass elements are in the panel corners. All side surfaces of the case are decorated with guilloche panels in combination with the engraved floral border. Engraved leaves are on the rounded corners. A key hole is on the bottom guilloche panel. The inner surface of the box is smooth, polished, with the hallmark of the trading house on the bottom and Swiss marks on the right side. Music movement "Sur-plateau" with a programe disc with pins on both sides, twenty-five sound steel reeds on one side and twenty on the other, plays two tunes. Two sliding switches are on the case front side: the left - activates the movement, the right one - switches the tunes. The winding key is steel forged.